Technical Specifications

  General Features   Description and/or Specification
  Machine base/ configuration
  • Monolithic natural granite table is used as the machine base. Y axis module is mounted on the granite base. X axis and Z axis are assembled on high stiffness gantry type structure which is also mounted on the granite base.
  Vibration isolation
  • 4-point heavy duty passive dampers

  Machine travels

  • Maximum travel:X – 200mm, Y – 100mm, Z – 100mm
  Position accuracy
  • +/- 1 micron/100mm
  Position feedback system
  • Optical linear scale with resolution of 0.1 μm (100 nm)RS422 (TTL) compromise
  Control system
  • PMAC motion controller with Mikrotools original GUIStandard NC code compatible
  Linear axis bearing design
  • High precision grade linear bearing system for all linear axes
  Linear drive systems
  • Digital AC servo motor system with full-closed feed back control
  Slide straightness
  • +/- 2 micron/100mm+/- 0.5 micron over any 25mm of travel
  Slide feed rate
  • Min:1mm/min, Max: 2000mm/minFeed rate range is user selectable
  Slide stiffness
  • 350 N/μm
  Spindle type
  • AC servo motor controlledSuper precision grade angular contact bearing for high precision spindle rotation  The spindle is electrically isolated from the machine body, and the spindle shaft is electrically connected to the power supply through a carbon brush
  Spindle speed range
  • Rating:0~3000 rpmMaximum: 5000 rpm for less than 10 sec
  Spindle axial stiffness
  • 120N/μm
  Tool clamping
  • Manual tool setting with precision collect system
  • REGOFIX MB-11 collect compatible
  EDM Power supply
  • Voltage: 80V~150VRC discharge circuit: R:1KOhm fixed, C: 6 selectable
  Coolant system
  • Dry cut for machining (milling, drilling and turning)
  • EDM: 1 set of built-in coolant tank, pumps and filters
  • Manual door system for operation safety
  • WEDG attachment
  • WEDM attachment
  • High speed milling spindle
  • On machine measuring microscope with CCD camera
  Utility requirements
  • Electrical:
    • 220V AC 50/60 Hz
    • Single phase 
  Machine Size
  • Height: 1.9 M
  • Machine Space: 1.6 M x 1.1 M