When it comes to machining micro-sized parts and features, especially ones that are less than 100um, there is a limited selection of feasible manufacturing processes. Micro-EDM is a process that allows you to machine micro-sized parts accurately and precisely. However, micro-EDM is not just about using smaller sized electrodes on machines used to fabricate larger parts. For a successful micro-EDM process, machines require the necessary accuracy and precision.

The DT-110 Hybrid μEDM machine has been engineered from day one to excel at micro-machining. What is unique about the DT-110 machine is the ability to perform multiple micro- machining processes on the same machine, allowing the machine to excel at hybrid μEDM.

Hybrid μEDM is the utilization of two or more processes including EDM on the same machine to achieve highest levels of accuracy, precision and throughput.

For example, with its patented hybrid μEDM technology, micro-sized electrodes can be fabricated directly on the DT-110 machine accurately and precisely using the micro-turning process.

Other micro-EDM machines utilize Electrical Discharge Grinding (EDG) to fabricate micro-sized electrodes directly on the machine, which usually takes more than an hour. In contrast, with micro-turning, it will only take about a minute.

The possibilities of hybrid μEDM are endless. Contact us today to learn more!