Micromachining Services


If you are looking for micro-sized parts and features or features with high accuracy and precision, Mikrotools is the right partner to fabricate these for you.

At Mikrotools, we have been focused on micromachining for more than 10 years. We don’t only build machines for micro machining, but also have been extensively fabricating micro-sized parts and features. 

We know that it is not just about the machine, it is also about the process. With ever more stringent requirements, we know that it is increasingly difficult to achieve what you need with a single process. For that reason, we have focused on hybrid machining. Utilizing our multi-process DT-110 machine, we are able to optimize multiple processes to fabricate parts and features that meet the requirements in a cost effective manner.

When we first started working on micromachining, it was about the feasibility of fabricating such tiny features. Today, it is about productivity and cost effectiveness. We know how to fabricate micro-sized parts accurately, precisely, rapidly, while keeping costs as low as possible. We have proven that again and again.

Whether you need a single feature or thousands of features on a part, we have established the processes to provide you with what you need. Difficult to machine metals are especially our specialty.

Contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance to you.