Ultra Precision Lathe

Technical Specifications

  General Features   Description and/or Specification
  Machine Configuration
  • Monolithic natural granite base with T-configuration of 2 axes
  Vibration Isolators
  • Dual Sub frame with pneumatic isolators
  Linear Axes Characteristics
  • Type: High precision Hydrostatic guideways
  • Straightness accuracy: <±0.3μm/100mm travel
  • Feedback resolution: 1.2nm
  • Feed rate: 2000mm/min
  • Position accuracy: ±1micron/100mm
  • Repeatability: 0.5micron
  Drive System
  • High precision AC linear motor with linear drive amplifier
  Rotary Spindle
  • Type: Double spherical aerostatic spindle with feedback encoder for fully closed-loop performance (C-axis)
  • Speed: upto 4000RPM (bi-directional)
  • Ultimate load capacity: 1100N
  • Radial/Axial stiffness: 120/110N/μm
  • Work holding: Vacuum clamping system (upto 75mm diameter)
  Fast Tool Servo (Optional)
  • High precision Piezo-actuated FTS with upto 200Hz bandwidth
  • Closed-loop control to use with synchronized spindle for micro structured surface generation
  Motion Controller
  • High speed controller – Turbo PMAC2 from DeltaTau, USA
  • Windows based PC with Mikrotools GUI and standard NC compatibility
  Product Warranty
  • 1 year full part and labor warranty